Sunday, June 14, 2009


I dropped the ball on this... but am planning a full on fumble recovery!

I have about 24 scanned holga images from a project i did in March, 36 developed frames from January that I will be printing soon, 1 undeveloped roll of shot film and am going on a trip to a family reunion in Illinois this weekend where I plan on shooting at least 3 rolls to clear my photography cobwebs.

So, for the time being, I'll give you all some sweet images I captured as well as a
couple pages from my map to the Nelson-Atkin's Museum of art and the 4 Shuttlecock sculptures.

Let's hear it for "cross-processing" These images are shot on Provia X Slide film then developed with C-41 developing solution. For more info on cross processing, check out this wiki entry.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun in The Bottoms: West Bottoms, KC

JPG lives in a warehouse loft in the warehouse district known to KC dwellers at the West Bottoms. It's mostly Rail yards and converted warehouses. Sweet stuff.


It's like a Kaleidoscope!

3 exposures, one man.

This is my favorite picture that's ever been taken of me. Thanks to JPG.

Vegan Potluck: At Wick's

Various snapshots of a good night; Good Company, Food, and doggies.

Everybody needs a cuddle. Photo by JPG

Wickolas Grimm


"Butch Adam" by Butch Adam

As promised...

By Butch Adam

Multiple exposure by JPG

BotNet parties: The Emerald

I'm not sure which ones these are from, but these were taken at a couple BotNet warehouse parties at The Emerald in the west bottoms over winter break (Dec 08/Jan 09).
Good times.

A really nice guy who helped hold her shut while I taped her sides.

Melissa Birdsong before the party at Jack Jett and John Paul's place.

Various pieces of Nick Mc.

A charming intoxicated moment.

Melissa again. The other exposure on this frame lined up perfectly to muzzle her.

Money-makin', booty-shakin', we're talking DANCIN'.

Christmas Morning

This is where my Holga's story begins. She was a gift from my companion John Paul. Sorry mom and dad, while you both came up with creative and lovely gifts, this one had to be my favorite this year.

The lovely sir that made it all happen.

Whoops! I swear I'll get the hang of this...

John Paul was exploring.

I think I look like my mom.

Christmas Tree and Spread.

An Introduction

Wouldn't it be great if someone created a cheap, plastic, crappy toy camera?

Well, someone in Hong Kong did during the 1980's. She is called the Holga and has made it a long way from the toy store to being a photo fetish item. Originally intended as a tourist item due to its cheap construction, the Holga (excluding a few moving metal parts in it's guts; springs, etc.) is completely plastic. Yes, that means the lens too. It's known for the awesome vignetted images it produces in a square format.

Another great feature of the Holga is that it's a medium format camera. That's right, 120mm film. It's shotty construction also allows for unexpected results like light leaks. Many Holga users will modify their cameras to take long exposure only shots, tape them up to prevent light leaks, or even turn them into 35mm shooting machines. It's a great tool for cross processing films, too. The Holga does not force it's user to automatically advance after taking a shot, meaning it's great for multiple exposures on a frame. My personal Holga is a 120CFN, and has a built in flash with 4 different colored gels (RBYW).

Although it is simply made, the Holga is very difficult to master and requires a lot of experimentation to be a pro. But remember, nothing is better than the suspense between dropping off film and picking it up a couple days later when you have the payoff of crazy imagery from your hours of experimentation.

Enough of the formality. This blog is to show off the great (and sometimes comically bad) images I get from my Holga.